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Homer, The Home Friendly Robot

We need robots at home.  They need to be able to take us upstairs, prepare our food, talk to us and help us bathe and dress.  There needs to be a screen which a human can use to interact with us at home, to take over or monitor as necessary.  The care workers can monitor remotely.  It would be much more hygienic, economic and reliable than sending humans in all the time.  Our Homer could even play radio and take instructions like a Google Echo, or whatever the brand name is that you can speak to.

Just put together a friendly soul, maybe like the little green icon in Duolingo, or an owl - don't try to make a 'human' it would be too spooky.  We could name our Homer and they could respond to their name.

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Adrian Girling 10 months ago

I applaud this idea. I think Japan leads the way on this - they have a very high proportion of older people. Take a look at and

Much of the necessary technology already exists and I agree with you that we can expect to see robot carers in the home within a decade.

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Kate Harris 10 months ago

Thank you for your feedback. I am an older person (not very old though, yet), currently on my own due to lockdown circumstances. I am physically very fit but lack of interaction is hard. I am learning Chinese on Duolingo for five minutes a day and it is absolutely great to have the interaction with the little green creature who encourages me and tells me how I am doing. Yes, I had read that Japan leads the way in this. I have also seen a video about the robots in India who have screens in their bodies. They visit Covid patients so that the patients can have video calls by their bed. Also, the research for building on Mars has some neat ideas in materials handling that could be converted to robot design. Imagine if Homer could convert into a stair lift and hold me to take me upstairs and down. I hope you are right about these coming along because I think they will be wonderful for older people and God willing I may benefit from one myself! Thanks again for your comment.

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