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My Mum is a member of U3A but since coronavirus many of the social activities have stopped (languages, art classes). I am wondering if there might be some help available to get U3A organisers across the country online and training members in Zoom. Many of the activities can be done at home but it’s nice to be able to chat at the same time.

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Esther Hui 7 months ago

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Esther Hui 7 months ago

Thanks so much for the idea! What kind of social activities would your mom to participate on Zoom? What kind of platform would you like the Zoom training to be done in?

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Alison Kelly 7 months ago

I’m not too sure. Perhaps providing or selling basic tablets to the elderly (those who don’t have the money to spend on iPads or who might not be up to date with the technology).

Using 1:1 or group sessions locally to show them how to setup broadband, install zoom and create an account to join U3A classes or chat to other members.

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