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Helping older people with technology

My friend lives in sheltered accommodation. I have found many of the residents come to me for help with things like "my tv won't work",  "my phone won't switch on" "I can't figure out how to join Zoom/Skype/ Whats app". They can use the tech, they just can't troubleshoot it.Maybe there could be a digital hub set up in care homes/ sheltered  housing etc where they can just press a button on a monitor to speak to a person who can help solve the problem, or connect them with their service provider?

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Catalina Romila 11 months ago

That's a trick problem that seems many of these people are facing. I wonder whether just letting the head of the care home/shelter know about it might help.

I would imagine if enough residents write a compelling letter the head of these establishments might actually do something. There could be certain club days where these issues will be addressed for instance?

I suggest this as it may be easier than going through the providers themselves, perhaps?

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Howard Smith 11 months ago

I think that there needs to be a real national improvement for proactively supporting tech use in sheltered housing, care homes and hospitals - often its left to relatives or friends to sort out and if you don't have visitors it can be a challenge. The Covid 19 impact on residents and patients has highlighted this with the increased and essential use of tablets/ipads to stay in touch and prevent isolation. In my case I set up and provided a tablet for us to stay in touch with my 90 year old mum-in-law who is in a nursing home - initially the experience was very poor with some staff not even knowing how to turn it on or login and then forgetting to charge it for the next time! There needs to be a bit of campaign to make sure that there are some trained and knowledgeable digital champions amongst staff members in care homes and hospitals to help set up and troubleshoot issues. Also it should be factored into CQC standards and inspections.

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Ed Shelton 10 months ago

Im interested to know peoples experiences tech supporting their loved ones living on their own vs in sheltered accomodation or care homes.
I experienced both sides with my grand mother in law, initially supporting her in her own home, then subsequently when she moved to a care home.
I experienced the same challenge as you Jean. I found the care home environment to be actually harder than at her home. The restricted access for me, limitations on my ability to sort out network issues, staff not really understanding how to use the technology/ not really seeing it as part of their role.
I completely agree with you Howard that general knowledge needs to improve, interested to know if making it part of CQC for care homes is practical, that would certinly be an incentive.. There is also a lot of room for technology to improve, there is a real lack of age inclusivity for much of our go-to digital tech.

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