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take a simple form of something like Alexa that you can plug into a TV. The idea would be to see whoever was phoning you using technology that an older person would be more familiar with rather than computers etc.  The idea is to simplify access to todays' modern services (touch screens etc) (my mum in law and friends mum in law wont use a computer however hard we've tried to get them to/teach them!). So for these people and/or disabled they could say to their TV 'Set up a call with.......' (rather than having to learn zoom etc

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Catalina Romila 8 months ago

The beauty of Alexa is that it can be connected to anything that has Bluetooth. This can be a phone or a TV, iPad doesn't exclusively have to be a computer.

Would connecting these to a smart phone or TV then be a viable solution? Once this is set up once there should be no much of a problem continuing to use Alexa.

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