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Ok there is the echo and lots of bits to buy but to stay independent and me  as Getting old and disabled there is a real lack of help of Getting it to work and I have echo got the lights but can not get them to work  . This working would save a lot of hospital trips if lights door everything was on the same page  and when you do find someone to help it cost the earth

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Catalina Romila Jan 12, 2021

Hi Pam. I get your frustration. Depending on where you got the echo dot you might be able to ring their customer support to help with the set up. If this is an option for you?

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Georgie Cade Jan 12, 2021

I have heard of some apps and tools that are very simple to use that connect individuals to volunteer helpers who can then help guide them through the set-up and use of technologies. They often use the video option of phonecalls to help see the problem going on and advise.

Are there ways that these kind of learning tools to connect with volunteer could be adapted to be made even easier to use or more accessible to a wider range of people? Would a tool like this be something you'd be willing to use for instance Pam, or does this sound like an extra layer of 'tech' complication?

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Esther Hui Jan 17, 2021

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