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I spoke with my mum who is 76.  She said that aging is inevitable.  That even though her mobility was impacted for a long time she did not feel like she was getting old until she was restricted by poor health.  She wished that technology was more easy to access.  That there was an iPad that was easy amd simple to use.  She felt that she was missing out.  She is extremely worried about catching COVID-19 and is keen to have vaccine.


My mum loves reading and doing the crosswords - she also enjoys being independent.  I think my mum would love to be able to manage an IPad but it is not intuitive enough to elderly people’s needs and they are at risk of being left behind.  I think that elderly people need simple instructions.  On off buttons in obvious places.  Do you want to go shopping on line? Do you want to send an email?  Do you want to make a phone call? Etc

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Georgie Cade 9 months ago

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Catalina Romila 9 months ago

Hi Lavere, thanks for pointing out how big of an issue access to technology is for the older generation.

I must say that get where you are coming from, and I also agree that many people do not engage in technology devices because they do not know how to use them.

While this is a problem, unfortunately, do not see a future where companies will make these extremely complex devices easy to use - I'd imagine that'd be incredibly hard to do.

What I suggest, and think would work better, only if there was to be a greater effort, is to teach those people that would like to use technology and train them. Once, Covid allows, there could be in store bootcamps for those people, and even a community run by the elderly to show them how to use it. I think with this latter idea, some people might find it more approachable. It could also be an avenue where elderly get more engagement and contribute to the community - in a way giving them a purpose.

Anyway, these are a few ideas but I'd be interesting to see what other people feel about this. Is it something they'd be happy to see happening, will it be engaging enough, and most of all will it be useful to those people that feel left out?

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Laverne Hunt 9 months ago

I agree this will not be easy to implement but more and more elderly folk are left feeling isolated. I think great opportunity for students to do some voluntary work a couple of hours to get elderly people on line. Voice enabled or even family screen sharing could be a possible pathway. Doctors could provide training as part of their well being programme - many elderly people have had to be given telephone advice and many do not have family nearby, there doctor is the only contact with a real person. They are the most vulnerable during this worldwide pandemic and still overlooked especially where technology is concerned.

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Laverne Hunt 9 months ago

Sadly things don’t just happen unless there is motivation to make something happen - where is the voice for old people, especially those that are not able to go out for training, or feel too old. It would have to be part of a buddy scheme so that if the training fell away it was still part of their well being journey.

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Catalina Romila 9 months ago

I agree, it is a sad thing and we need to get together to make something happen.. these poor people are isolated all on their own

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