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Autonomy and elderly care

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How can we ensure elderly people are getting the help they need whilst making them feel like their independence is not undermined? Do you think there's a fine line between assisting the elderly and then making them feel as though they are no longer competent enough to look after themselves? It is crucial to ensure the elderly community has autonomy and is treated with dignity. It's important to understand the key areas of life in which elderly people start losing their autonomy and how this problem may be affecting their quality of life. Then, coming up with solutions to deal with the problems. There are many barriers to entry, however, including many points mentioned here already - a significant one being the Pandemic and elderly people having little tech experience. 

In what ways do you think elderly people are losing their autonomy? Can you think of any ways we can tackle this theme?

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Siana Jones Jan 4, 2021

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There are some great questions here...

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Pam Quinlan Jan 10, 2021

63 here Disabled well it’s a lot of small things but make a huge difference .with me ok till I fell then everyone had there point of view fall alarm new walker. But no one wanted to here my view .i wanted lights to go on at dark lessons in making my hive work The other thing is people take over and if you like me I give if it’s quicker for a care person to wash you then you do Then there the dreaded. Care home very fall or hospital visit makes you feel you can not stay there Lots of company are great others are not any why can. They not say would you like that in bigger print or have a box to tick so you can read the small print your self . We need to have a plan as we get older which can change and more things in our homes to make us stay were we are

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