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Staying active during (Second) lockdown

The second lockdown is going to be imposed from midnight today.

We all have experiences from the previous lockdown about how to cope and how to stay active during the lockdown. We are all experts here.


Please share your idea below so we can all help each other creating a "better" and more active lockdown this second time around.

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Nattawan Utoomprurkporn 11 months ago

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Nattawan Utoomprurkporn 11 months ago

I try to follow online exercise classes everyday to stay active :)

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Emily Crawford 11 months ago

Yes I am a fan too! The success of Joe Wicks etc has shown how popular these across a wide number of people - are there are classes available focussed towards older members of the public who may have reduced mobility?

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Esther Hui 10 months ago

Join online classes with friends on a regular basis (preferably the same time every day), and do the exercises with them via videoconferencing. This will help us get into some sort of routine as well.

I'm not sure if older adults can do this though. They might need help, e.g., someone to help them join the classes and set up videoconferencing with them. What are your thoughts?

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Georgie Cade 9 months ago

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