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Hearing fitness

Is it really a thing, and why should we care?

When you get older, things start to deteriorate. But at what point do you know that your hearing is alarmingly causing damage to your mind?

Research published in the American Journal of geriatric Psychiatry discovered that the risk of becoming clinically depressed is double when our hearing drops from perfect to borderline normal. This implies that there is no “safe” hearing loss level, a trivial less than perfect hearing level can cause depression.

Therefore, the term “hearing fitness” is promoted. Like any other fitness, the better hearing you can possibly have is the better for your brain and mind. Better hearing can help older adult enjoy socialization even more which could be useful in preventing depression. Even for normal hearing individual, communication in a noisy situation can also be tricky. Older adults with less hearing fitness can avoid this situation and may result in depression.

Do you have any hearing problem? How about listening to a conversation in noisy situations? How do you cope with these situations?

Please leave your comments below :)

edited on Nov 4, 2020 by Nattawan Utoomprurkporn
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Nattawan Utoomprurkporn 11 months ago

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Octavio Zamudio 11 months ago

Very interesting, I'm very very curious about how can you improve your hearing... this is intriguing. Secondly, is hearing loss somehow causally related to balance loss?

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Georgie Cade 9 months ago

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