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How can we age healthier and live happier lives?

Ageing is the biological process most living organisms experience whereby time ensues degradation of molecular pathways, ultimately leading to reduced life quality infused with pain, reduced mobility, frailty and above all disease occurrence.

The idea that our habits can positively impact the way we age and more excitingly the rate at which we age is not that novel (see research article attached).

Importantly, many aspects regarding our lifestyle can me modulated. Ways in which we can improve our life with the added long-term benefit of enjoying a healthier and happier life include:

  • Get enough sleep (circa 8 hours)
  • Keep a positive mindset (i.e. meditation, yoga, hobbies)
  • Reduce stress
  • Keep active (i.e. walk, swim, cycle)
  • Look after your skin (i.e. the largest organ we humans have)
  • Keep a healthy diet (i.e. high in greens, fiber, fruits & veg)
  • Keep hydrated
  • Take dietary supplements (i.e. vitamins)

The list above is not exhausted so feel free to comment on them, or indeed add additional ones. As this is mainly aimed at opening a discussion around this topic. So feel free to chip in your idea/s, thoughts, suggestions or leave any comments/feedback.

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