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Heart failure and struggles in everyday life

Around 650,000 people live with the heart failure in the UK. The common symptoms include severe fatigue, oedema (can be painful!), and breatlessness. My grandmother has an advanced form of the heart failure. Her symptoms include excessive sweating at night, which makes her suffer from insomnia and change bedding and nightgown 2-3 times per night. She is also tired, sweaty and out of breath doing any types of chores e.g. mopping, changing bedding, having bath, etc. If she did not take drugs which manage heart failure, I am unsure she could be mobile at all. 

She wants to be independent as long as possible, because doing this household chores is also useful form of exercise and helps her mental health.

I wonder whether here are some other people who are aware of this condition. What challenges do you have in your everyday life? What do you struglle with? 

Also, is there anything on a market which can help with sweating at night? There are special clothing, but what about the blankets and matresses?

Feel free to tell about other issues related to this condition.


Info is from British Heart Foundation

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