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Everywhere in the world women outlive men - why?

The fact that around the world women outlive men by several years is not a new observation, and certainly not one which is present in humans only but other species too. A recent study looked into trying to understand why that is.

"The researchers looked at the lifespans of 101 different species, from sheep to elephants, and found that females lived an average of 18% longer than males for more than 60% of the species studies. In humans, females tend to live around 7.8% longer."  (

Today, this topic remains an enigma not only for the public but the scientific community also. The reasons for this is that untangling the factors that throughout history advantaged women is a challenging problem,  and rightly so. The multi-factorial aspect of this complex interaction leads to many hypothesis, including sex-specific costs to reproduction, local environmental conditions such as smoking and drinking, being in work etc.

 It would be interesting to see what views others have on this matter, so get involved by commenting or posting in this thread.


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