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Fitbit style technology but more relatable and less intimidating for my grandparents and others??

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I wear a fitbit and find it really motivating in encouraging me to do more steps and get out more. I'm keen to encourage my grandparents to get more active and think this could be a nice way to set 'active' goals for them and motivate them to reach them.

But the language and the marketing around this all seems really geared towards pushing people to be athletes, and my grandparents find this really intimidating and unrelatable. They are much older now and the idea of them doing '10,000 steps a day' is unachieveable. Is there a way to use tech in a way that is more relatable to their lives and doesn't put people like this off?

edited on Oct 25, 2020 by Georgie Cade
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Siana Jones 11 months ago

Hi Ben, I like the idea of activity monitors for older generations but I agree with you that it can be complicated. Do your grandparents have smart phones? Do you think a really simple application that targets older adults would be helpful?

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Octavio Zamudio 11 months ago

Hi Ben, good point. I think that most of new technologies make it discouraging for older users, perhaps not intentionally, but they have not realised about the potential benefits (business wise) of providing alternative user interfaces and applications, targeting older age groups. What would you use as "goal" to make it more relatable to their daily lives? would you define in steps, or are you thinking of some other movement metric? As Siana asks, how keen are they in general about using a smartphone (if at all)?

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Siana Jones 11 months ago

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Miroslava Katsur 11 months ago

My grandmother wanted a FitBit watch and hoped that it would motivate her to exercise more and lose some weight. When she got it, she lost interest in it quickly. As Ben mentioned, goals in the app are unachievable. Also, I think older people need more encouragement than younger ones, and, perhaps, reminders to be active.

Another thing she would want to improve in FitBit app (or any other app) is to have an ability to scan a barcode and have all her carbs/fats/protein/calories/salt/sugar recorded (e.g. she would want to enter, let's say, 1/4 of cottage cheese). She was unhappy about typing all the data, and it's not easy to type in her age. Does someone know any apps which allow grocery barcode scanning?

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