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Staying active

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How can technology help us be physically active throughout our lives?

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We want to hear about your experiences of ageing from your own lives, that of loved ones or through your work in healthcare. Share your problems, needs and ideas. Vote and comment on other ideas.



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Staying active during (Second) lockdown

The second lockdown is going to be imposed from midnight today. We all have experiences from the previous lockdown about how to cope and how to stay active during the lockdown. We are all experts here.   Please share your idea below so we can all help each other creating a "better" and more active lockdown this second time around.

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Hearing fitness

Is it really a thing, and why should we care? When you get older, things start to deteriorate. But at what point do you know that your hearing is alarmingly causing damage to your mind? Research published in the American Journal of geriatric Psychiatry discovered that the risk of becoming clinically depressed is double when our hearing drops from perfect to borderline normal. This implies that there is no “safe” hearing loss level, a trivial less than perfect hearing level can cause...

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Do virtual/online exercise classes really work?

There are a vast number of virtual exercise classes available online; from low intensity yoga or pilates-based classes to high-intensity interval  training and virtual spin classes.  Theoretically these exercise classes provide a wonderful resource to help people get active- some classes are even free of charge making them economical.  However, there are a couple of reasons to be sceptical. First, it's difficult for instructors to offer feedback on technique to attendees if they can't...

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Interactive app for novice gym users

Have you ever felt intimidated in your local gym? Unsure how to use the equipment properly and a bit too scared to ask? How about an interactive app which has a step-by-step guide to using all the typical bits of gym equipment with clips to demonstrate. It could include tips on correct posture during lifting and notes about which muscle you should feel that you're working.

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More than 40% of people enjoy gardening in the UK. For old people, it is a fantastic way to stay active, sometimes to socialise, to have some form of work after retirement, plus a place where they can enjoy wildlife and have their spirits lifted. Alas, different conditions can rob older people of having this hobby: osteoporosis, heart failure, muscle weakness, and the list goes on. My grandmothers say that if there were tools to allow them to do gardening while sitting on a little chair for...

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Staying Active: A new definition in a new normal.

Exercise is not only for your body but also your mind and brain !!! This pandemic really helps us realised that just being “active” as in physically active, may not be enough. Everyone is afraid of getting old. Physically exercise alone is not enough to keep you in the loop. Various brain games in the market claim to boost your cognition. Still, research published in  Psychosomatic Medicine journal  showed that the most effective “protective factor” for your cognitive decline...

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Let's get back to the ground!

As humans we begin our movement journey on the ground, on our four extremities, crawling and falling for months, while we develop the required muscle synergies and strength that will eventually lead us to become effective bipedal movers!  Being in contact with the ground is being less and less common as we age, especially on western cultures. Reaching for something on the ground or standing from it without using our hands, carrying a baby, tools or a meal, should part of our natural...

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Exercise buddy

Would you do more physical activity if you had a buddy to exercise with?  I find doing exercise with someone helps me to achieve more. However, exercising with friends who are much faster/fitter (or slower and less fit) can be frustrating.  What if there was an application that let people (of all ages) link up with others to exercise at a similar pace/level? This already exists for jogging (, but a version could be developed to be more general and perhaps more accessible...

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Fitbit style technology but more relatable and less intimidating for my grandparents and others??

I wear a fitbit and find it really motivating in encouraging me to do more steps and get out more. I'm keen to encourage my grandparents to get more active and think this could be a nice way to set 'active' goals for them and motivate them to reach them. But the language and the marketing around this all seems really geared towards pushing people to be athletes, and my grandparents find this really intimidating and unrelatable. They are much older now and the idea of them doing '10,000...

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The benefits of Physical activity/Exercise

Physical activity is beneficial for prevention of a multitude of chronic conditions, including obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and depression. Lack of physical activity is estimated to cost the UK £7.4 billion a year, including £0.9 billion to the NHS alone! Despite growing evidence for the astounding health benefits of physical activity, not everyone participates in (or enjoys) undertaking the recommended amount of physical activity (see info-graphic). In...

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